Hurst B4 rubber floor boot w/ "H" logo for chrome shifter sticks

Hurst B-4 rubber floor boot w/ trim ring; a "universal" cover for shift lever opening in floorpan; not specific to any application but dependent upon size of floor opening

  • Genuine Hurst rubber boot # 1144580 without retail pkg
    • Hurst "H" logo molded into top of boot
      • Thick, high quality molded rubber construction
        • Polished stainless steel trim ring included
          • Mounting screws NOT included; #8 recommended
  • Fits Hurst chrome FLAT sticks
    • Stick opening is rectangular ~ 3/8" wide x 3/4" long
      • NOT for use with ROUND sticks!
  • 5.35" wide  x 6.5" long overall, for floor openings up to 3.5" wide x 4.5" long
    • Mounting hole pattern:  4.25" wide x 5.32" long
      • Drilling required; use a #29 drill bit for #8 screws
        • Refer to second image for installation instructions
    • 2.5" maximum height
  • Measure & study floor opening before you buy!
    • Shifters with long travel in boot area or floorpans with high curvature may require larger boot to avoid tear-out
    • Consider the Hurst Super Boot for larger floor openings & taller shifters

We also offer the plain rubber QUALIFIER (1" smaller each way) and INDY (same size)

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