Mitsubishi KM

KM trans are found in Dodge & Mitsubishi vehicles; for Ford FM models see the Ranger page

  • 2wd shifters have a triangular 3-bolt base pattern (KM132 aka R5M21)
  • 4x4 shifters have a rectangular 4-bolt base pattern (KM145 aka V5M21 / V5MT1 / V5MT2)
    • The rectangular 4x4 shifter base sits directly to left of transfer case shifter which has a triangular 3-bolt base pattern...
    • 4 speeds (KM130 & KM144) use same shifter as 5 speeds, but reverse lockout is eliminated & 3-4 gate has lateral travel in gear due to lack of guide plate
    • KM truck shifters are different from KM car shifters (Conquest, Starion, etc) due to different tailhousing; if you are interested in a car shifter - email us