Short shifter for stock knob - 2014-2019 Corvette C7 7 speed

Short throw shifter kit for OE replacement in:

  • 2014-2019 Chevrolet Corvette (C7) - all models with manual trans
    • See separate listings for older models
      • Does not fit any other vehicle
  • Stick accepts stock C7 knob
    • Also accepts any knob with 9/16"-18 thread but will require a boot retainer (available separately)
  • Lower pivot cup NOT included - reuse OE or buy separately
  • Stock shifter base mounting bolts are reused; if you presently have an aftermarket shifter and do not have the stock mounting bolts, request bolts with payment

Kit includes shifter assembly, gasket, and installation instructions

Throw is reduced by ~ 28%; most aftermarket Corvette shifters are too aggressive - this one has the ideal balance of effort vs distance. Knob height is same as stock. Other versions of this shifter are available (see separate listings)

This shifter is NOT related to Hurst Billet Plus Corvette shifters. Compared to all brands it is smaller and simpler but fits and works better. The base is built by Core Shifters using next-generation Hurst "Billet Plus 2" components inside a custom housing to create a unique, exclusive assembly:

  • CNC-machined billet steel gear selector w/ black oxide finish
  • Spherical fulcrum pivot in a spring-loaded, self-lubricating polymer socket
    • Low-friction captured design - no bias springs
    • Effort to enter reverse and 5-6 gate is minimized
    • 2-3 shift improved by reduced leverage without adding excess force
  • CNC-machined aluminum housing
    • Small size fits to floor boot without modification
  • Integral Hurst dust seal to keep dirt out of pivot mechanism
    • Zinc-plated laser-cut steel base-plate
    • Vibration-resistant serrated flange head steel retaining bolts
    • Simple, effective, and durable

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