Shifter for 1989-1996 Corvette C4 6 speed

Short throw shifter kit for OE replacement on ZF S6-40 6 speed manual trans in:

  • 1989-1996 Chevrolet Corvette (C4) - all models
    • Does not fit other model years or any other model

Kit includes shift lever assembly with pre-installed bearings, all necessary small hardware, and detailed installation instructions. Compare to discontinued Hurst #3915084

Throw is reduced by ~ 40% for an ideal balance of effort vs distance; the reduced leverage also enhances neutral centering function for a better 2-3 shift. The OE rubber coupling is eliminated to increase rigidity and offer precise tactile control. Designed for use w/ stock console boot; no modifications required.

  • Knob height is ~1.25" lower than stock
    • Knob NOT included (available separately / as upgrade if desired)
      • Stick accepts stock knob or any knob with 9/16"-18 thread

** This shifter reuses most stock components except for the lever itself; other brands replace some of these parts in a way that is not compatible. If you presently have another aftermarket shifter installed, you cannot use this shifter without obtaining the missing stock parts. This shifter is designed to use most of the stock components for a superior, smooth, factory-type fit and function. **

The reverse lockout lift-ring found on 1989-1994 models is eliminated as it is unnecessary with the enhanced centering function of the reduced leverage, thereby updating to functionality of 1995-96. This shifter requires moderate mechanical skill to install; the ZF external linkage design is far more complex than the typical modular bases of other trans. However, precise instructions are included. Regardless of brand, all shifters for this application require the same installation effort. This design was carefully refined to fit properly with all factory components, yielding an OE fit with superior performance, longevity and ease of use.

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