HURST T-Handle : 3/8"-16 coarse thread for chrome shifter sticks + Jeep CJ YJ

  • $ 3423

*** READ THIS: The stick thread mount is drilled at a 45 deg angle, so that the handle sits flat when mounted on a stick angled 45 deg rearward. Core Shifters offers mounts at other angles, including directly underneath for flat mounting on a vertical stick - see drop down menu for options ***

Genuine Hurst T-handle as found in discontinued retail # 1534813:

  • 3/8"-16 direct thread - NO adapter bushing!
  • Flanged hex jam nut included - NOT as pictured!
  • Solid diecast aluminum construction
  • Bulk part, no retail pkg

Fits most AFTERMARKET Hurst CHROME sticks

  • Does NOT FIT aftermarket Hurst sticks produced before ~1975 (3/8"-24)

Also fits:

  • 1964-1981 Pontiac, 1969-1981 Camaro, & 1970-1971 Ford FACTORY Hurst shifters
    • Does NOT FIT "non-Hurst" GM factory shifters (Muncie etc) before ~1973
    • Does NOT FIT Buick, Olds, AMC, or Mopar factory Hurst shifters (3/8"-24)
    • Does NOT FIT 1972-1973 Ford factory Hurst shifters (7/16"-20)
    • 1980-1996 Jeep (CJ, YJ, XJ, MJ - manual trans, stock shifters)


    • See my other listings for T-handles in many other thread sizes!

    *** "Regular" Hurst T-handles are drilled for mounting on a stick angled 45 deg rearward as they were in the old days. Modern cars are different - and so we also offer T-handles drilled for mounting on sticks that are vertical (like # 7238 & 8550) or slightly angled (10 deg rear tilt like # 7201). ****

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