HURST T-Handle : 7/16"-20 thread for aluminum shifter sticks

Solid diecast aluminum Hurst T-handle:

  • Brushed natural finish (silver)
    • Embossed HURST lettering on top, in a black resin-filled relief
  • 45 deg mount angle (default, other angles available +$10)
    • 7/16"-20 UNF thread; jam nut included
  • Compare to discontinued Hurst #1538501

  • Fits Hurst ALUMINUM sticks + black steel sticks #0197 & 0202
  • Also fits 1972-1973 Ford factory Hurst (round) shifter sticks
    • NOT intended for ANY modern OE application (most are metric)

This thread size was found in older Hurst Comp Plus kits with black sticks for S10 truck (3910029), Mustang T5 (3910030 & 3910031), and Camaro T5 (3910032 & 3915032). Newer versions have OE (metric) thread or use a Hurst chrome stick instead (3/8"-16)

*** Default mount angle is 45 deg, such that handle sits flat when mounted on a stick with threads angled 45 deg rearward. Core Shifters offers other mount angles, including directly underneath for flat mounting on a vertical stick - see menu ***

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