HURST T-Handle : UNDRILLED blank for custom work or paperweight

**** Core Shifters EXCLUSIVE! NO THREADS! No recess feature on bottom side - completely smooth! You won't find this anywhere else - Hurst modified a mold to produce these at our request! ***

Use it for a paperweight or shelf display - or machine however you want to mount it. You could even drill from the end and use it like a pistol grip.

Background: When Hurst first released the T-handle in 1966, they offered it in 3 different mount angles - 25, 45, and 65 degrees (from vertical) because Hurst sticks have a great variety of thread angles. For the best feel, the handle should be horizontal on top. Sadly, few understood the objective and Hurst consolidated to the 45 deg mount a few years later. This doesn't fit very well for many, particularly on today's applications where the shifter stick is dead vertical. Now, Core Shifters is able to offer handles for vertical mounts (see our other listings), or you can buy one blank (this listing) and modify it as you wish.

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