Chrome Stick - INDY SSA

Hurst INDY chrome shifter stick:

  • 15.0" tall, curving ~1" forward then rearward to end 1.3" behind center
    • Good alternative to # 0060 and right between # 6900 & # 4331
    • 3/8"-24 knob threads (NOTE this is different from other Hurst sticks!)
  • Forged mild steel - case-hardened for toughness, chrome-plated for beauty
    • "INDY H" imprinted on both sides in mid-section
    • No mating serrations (bolt to smooth side of stub)
    • WARNING: Do not weld, bend, or modify a case-hardened part like this as it will create a weak spot that can lead to catastrophic failure
  • Great for custom installations - measure before you buy!
    • Mounts via 3/8" bolt holes spaced 7/8" apart - fits any aftermarket Hurst stub
    • Many off-brand shifters use 8mm stick bolts - requiring special adapter bolts
    • Mix parts carefully as proper leverage ratio (throw length) requires matching stick length to stub fulcrum height
    • Stick length = 15.1" (distance from mount to knob) - see swap bases for fulcrum options
  • Genuine Hurst part without retail pkg

IF YOU ARE DOING A SWAP - application info is irrelevant once transmission is changed - sit in vehicle with tape measure while studying Hurst catalog - stick section.

This stick is used by Hurst Indy SSA kit # 5010002 AND Indy truck kit # 5010016 generic 3 speed floor conversion kits for ~'60s era cars & trucks. In the SSA kit the fulcrum pin goes through the upper hole and the lower hole gets a pin that controls gate selection (there is no stub), leaving only 13" above the fulcrum. In the truck kit (since 1995), the stick bolts on to a stub 2.5" above the fulcrum, putting the knob 17.5" above the fulcrum. In this way, the same stick works for car and truck. Truck kits produced before 1995 used a longer stick without a stub just like the cars but slowing sales required consolidation to one stick. These details aren't relevant to conversion purposes but help explain its features. YES this stick will work just fine on any Core / Hurst swap base. The mounting bolt pattern is the same as any regular Hurst stick. The differences are that it has a third hole above the mount that is not used, there are no mating serrations, it says INDY on the sides, and most importantly it has 3/8"-24 knob threads - NOT 3/8"-16!

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