Lower oil seal for Hurst Billet Plus Ford Ranger & F150 M5OD shifters

Lower oil seal for Hurst Billet Plus Ford Ranger & F150 M5OD shifters

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*** Service / replacement part only. Only fits Hurst Billet Plus M5OD shifters for Ford Ranger & F-150 ***

Lower oil seal for Hurst Billet Plus shifters # 3915020, 3915021, 3915025, & 3915026. Not used by the Core Shifter base or any other shifter!

To create a shifter for the M5OD on the Billet Plus platform, Hurst devised a multi-part housing with an adapter flange, a spacer ring, and an upper housing. This seal goes on top of the adapter flange, to keep trans fluid from leaking out of the seams but it is easily torn. Hurst shifters for Ford M5OD trans are often blamed for mythical "venting" of the trans causing oil leaks but the leaks are simply due to this seal being torn and / or oil leaking around the old pivot pins below the new flange.

This seal is fragile and held between two sharp metal parts; proper installation is critical to success:

  • Remove console trim, shifter stick, upper shifter housing, and spacer ring (entire shifter except adapter flange). Refer to original kit instructions for details & safety precautions
  • Before discarding original seal, inspect it for torn areas and study those areas on the mating parts for burrs and sharp edges that need to be smoothed
  • Clean the adapter flange thoroughly (installed on trans) and smooth any burrs
    • (there should be a paper gasket under flange, sealing it to case)
  • Clean and inspect bottom face of upper housing and smooth any burrs
  • 1988-1994 Ranger only: clean and inspect spacer ring. Position spacer ring against bottom face of upper housing. Seal MUST go below spacer ring
  • Lubricate shifter stick shaft with a light oil. Slide seal onto shaft and up against housing or spacer ring as applicable. Make sure seal is resting flat with no wrinkles and that the bolt holes are aligned with upper housing
  • Stack the base assembly loosely onto the flange - should be in this order going up - seal, spacer (where applicable), upper housing. Hurst chrome stick should not be attached at this time. Study seal around perimeter and make sure it is laying flat with no wrinkles and that bolts are aligned with housing and spacer ring (where applicable)
  • Once you are sure the parts are stacked evenly, resting flat, and bolt holes aligned from flange, through seal, to top of housing, loosely install the upper housing bolts. Snug all bolts evenly before tightening any bolts. Tighten bolts only until seal starts to squeeze out - no further
  • Once base is installed, replace Hurst chrome stick and tighten bolts to 30 ft-lb

Genuine Hurst part # 2160002 as found in retail service pkg # 2161002

Want something better? The new Core Shifters bases for M5OD use the same Hurst lever but in a simpler housing that doesn't need any seals - check it out here.

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