3 speed engraved shift knob RED: 3/8"-24 for Buick Olds + AMC & Mopar

Classic round engraved 3 speed knob w/ 3/8"-24 "fine" thread:

  • Fits AFTERMARKET Hurst chrome sticks produced before ~1975
    • Also fits Hurst Indy shifters
    • Does NOT FIT Hurst chrome sticks produced since 1975 (3/8"-16)
  • Also fits Buick, Olds, AMC, & Mopar FACTORY Hurst shifters
    • + some OE AMC applications
  • Does NOT FIT most "non-Hurst" factory shifters (check threads)
  • Does NOT FIT Pontiac, Ford, or Chevy (Camaro) factory Hurst shifters (3/8"-16)
  • CONFIRM THREAD SIZE before you buy!

  • 1 7/8" dia ball of solid thermoset resin colored RED, polished
    • True engraved shift pattern on top, paint-filled
    • Plain sides - no logo
  • Recessed brass thread mount
    • Hurst jam nut included
    • WARNING: jam nut MUST be used; knob will break if mounted w/o nut!
  • Made in USA to our specifications by a Hurst supplier
    • Comparable to old Hurst # 1633396 (discontinued in 1970's); bulk part, no retail pkg

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