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Race car - located in York PA:

1984 Pontiac Trans Am, an original NHRA Pro Stock Car built for Barnett Performance. Factory roof and rear quarters.  State of the art when built in 1984. Full chromoly tube chassis, Lamb struts, Wilwood brakes, full floating sheetmetal 3rd member, fiberglass doors, dash, and front clip. Updated to FC cage, 25-1 cert (expired), 1992 Hairy Glass front end w/ a huge CF scoop. Car was only raced regionally, only for a few years, has not been run since ~1996, we bought it from Barnett in 1998. It is a very well built yet lightweight car. Easy clone into a more famous 3rd gen F-body (R&M, Iaconio, Leal, Jim Yates, etc). Many spare parts. $40k w/ 772 ci engine (below), Fred Brown PG trans, and all extras.

Race engine - located in York PA:

772 ci BBC "mountain motor" built by Charlie Garrett. AR alum block w/ std bore spacing but raised cam. 4.63 bore x 5.75 stroke, titanium rods, ~14:1 compression. Big Chief heads ported by Slawko, sheetmetal intake w/ two dominators. Jesel rockers and belt drive. Full dry sump etc. ~1200 hp NA. Originally an IHRA PS engine for Charlie, it was later used by Rod Saboury as the last engine in his original 1957 Corvette for NMCA racing, running high 7's w/ a Fred Brown PG (also available). No nitrous ever on this motor. In storage since removal from Rod's car (~1997). $25k w/ Fred Brown PG.