Shifters for Ford F-150

M5OD-R2 shifters for Ford F-150 & "non-HD" F-250 trucks.  Exclusive new design - no seals to fail - no complicated assembly - simple solid one-piece housing. Also available for Ranger

The M5OD-R2 is found in:

  • 1988-1998 F-150
  • 1988-1998 F-250 "non-HD" (GVWR < 8500)
  • 1988-1996 Bronco

Later model has taller mount, which requires a longer / deeper stub:

  • 1999-2008 F-150
  • 1999 Ford F-250 "non-SuperDuty" (GVWR < 8500)

Many trans have been serviced / swapped and the shifter model you need may be different from the model year of your truck; we strongly recommend measuring your stock shifter before buying new parts. See our M5OD page for more info.

We do NOT sell shifters for ZF 5 speed (1987+ F-250 HD w/ GVWR > 8500 & all F-350). We DO sell shifters for ZF 6 speed (1999+ Super Duty)