Shifters for Toyota Tacoma

Drive Engine Year Trans Core Shifter kit?
2wd I4 1995-2004 W59 Available
2005-2015 R155 Available
V6 1995-2004 R150 No
2005-2015 RA60 Available
4x4 I4 1995-2004 W59F Available
2005-2015 R155F Available
2016-2017 R156F Available
2024 RC60F Shifter sample wanted - email us!!
V6 1995-2004 R150F Available
2005-2015 RA60F Available
2016-2023 RC62F Available


**** 2024 Tacoma 6 speed wanted! We want to develop a shifter for the Tacoma RC60F, prefer someone in greater Nashville metro, but can also do by mail - shifter will be free to first person ****