Shifters for Toyota Tacoma

Drive Engine Year Trans Core Shifter kit?
2wd I4 1995-2004 W59 2wd Available
2005-2015 R155 2wd Available
V6 1995-2004 R150 2wd In development
2005-2015 RA60 2wd Available
4x4 I4 1995-2004 W59F Available
2005-2015 R155F Available
2016+ R156F Available
V6 1995-2004 R150F Available
2005-2015 RA60F Available
2016+ RC62F Test vehicle wanted


*** We want to develop shifters for 2016+ Tacoma V6 BUT need to inspect and measure the stock shifter to begin that process. And so we need either a local truck or for someone to ship their stock shifter to us for measurement. We only need it for one day and in exchange will give the new shifter to that person for FREE!!! This project cannot proceed until we measure a stock shifter ***