Fore/aft offset stick extension bracket

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For situations where the height of the stick is fine but more or less rear offset is desired, this bracket may be the answer:

  • 3/8" mounting for Hurst sticks only (other sticks & shifters use M8 bolts)
    • Steeda sells a similar "offset handle bracket" #555-7070 for M8 mounting
  • NOT compatible with bases that have stops!
    • Offsets stick fore/aft by 1.15"
      • Made of 5/16" thick mild steel, zinc-plated
        • Two 3/8" thru-holes for 3/8" bolts to mount bracket to stub
          • Reuse existing bolts to mount bracket
            • If mounting to an OE or off-brand base - 8mm adapter bolts may be required!
        • Two 3/8"-24 threaded holes to mount stick to bracket
          • Bolts included (pan head allen rather than hex shown)
        • Both sets of holes are spaced apart 7/8" on center (standard Hurst spacing)
      • Smooth on both sides (no stick serrations)
        • Mate smooth side of Hurst stick to bracket face
        • Mate bracket to smooth side of stub where possible - usually requires flipping stub 180 deg in housing to get smooth faces of stick and stub on same side
        • Apply RTV silicone sealant to mating faces before final assembly, to enhance connections, and torque all bolts to 30 ft-lbs

      NOTE: dust boot for base must remain in use - this will be hard to do in some cases as this bracket requires the dust boot to be below the stick mount area. We advise to adapt a low-profile OE boot where possible. See our dust boot page

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