T5 swap bases

Correct base model depends on OE configuration (per source vehicle). All are unique and NOT interchangeable without reconfiguring the trans.

  • Most GM T5 use same base connection BUT:
    • S10 base is for regular "straight up" bellhousings
    • Camaro base has stub angled toward right to compensate for special OE rotated bellhousing
      • DO NOT BUY the Camaro base unless you are using the OE rotated bellhousing w/ rotated trans!
    • Holden Commodore VN-VS use the Ford T5 base
    • Most Ford T5 use the 1983-2004 Mustang base
      • 2005+ Mustang T5 w/ OE remote shifter DOES have provisions for direct mount base but some parts must be removed. Bolt pattern is different from earlier models
      • 1996-2001 V8 models = T45; 2001-2004 V8 models = TR3650; these bases do not interchange with T5 - see separate listings
    • Jeep 4x4 "5-bolt" base available by request - contact us
      • AMC 2wd use the S10 T5 base
    • "World-Class" and other internal variations mean nothing at the shifter level