Shifter distances

Distance from front of bellhousing (aka rear of engine block) to shifter stub (hopefully you find a model that puts the shifter stub in the center of your console or floor opening)

Before you buy a transmission, figure out which model suits your needs. Don't expect a shifter to cure a bad transmission choice; a cheap transmission is worthless if there is no decent way to make it work in your car. If you already bought one - it may require major changes or you may be better off with a different one. Transmissions are not universal - they come in dozens of configurations per OE specs; probably only one or two of them work for you.

  • Install engine block first, to define bellhousing location
  • Make sure bellhousing is compatible with your engine, flywheel, & clutch
  • Consider floor & console openings, seat placement, dashboard, etc.
  • Minimize rear offset (horizontal distance from base to knob) where possible
  • Think about the available stick shapes and look you want
  • Expect to cut a hole in floor large enough to install shifter base from interior
  • Prepare to reconfigure. Transmission tailhousing may need to be swapped to put shifter at better position; this may involve swapping or modding internal parts too. See our transmission info page.
  • Plan the driveshaft connection. Some models do not use slip yokes but can be adapted; HOWEVER if yoke to driveshaft angle is > 4 deg, a CV joint is needed

Model Dimension "A" - inches
Old Muncie / Saginaw / BW T10  4 speeds (typical reference) ~22-26" (varies by car)
T5 - S10 & late TVR 18.0
T5 - Jeep CJ & AMC 4x4 ~19.2 (estimate only)
T5 - 2005-2010 Mustang V6 receptacle center ~20 (estimate only)
T5 - Astro van 20.3
T5 - AMC 2wd ~22 (estimate only)
T5 - Chevette ~22.5 (estimate only)
T5 - Isuzu Rodeo & early TVR ~25 (estimate only)
T5 - Mustang (1983-2004) 26.4
T5 - Camaro - case rotated on bellhousing 27.5
T5 - Nissan & Sierra Cosworth ~30 (estimate only)
T5 - 2005-2010 Mustang V6 stock remote shifter stick center ~35 (estimate only)
T56 & TR6060
TR6060 linkage cover receptacle center (Camaro, GT500, VE-VF, etc) + T56 / Magnum - forward port conversion 18.9 (depends on bellhousing)
Magnum - front tail 23.0
T56 - Viper & Ram SRT-10 + TR6060 - Viper 25.0
T56 - Aston Martin 26.1
T56 - Mustang Cobra 26.4
TR6060 - Challenger linkage cover receptacle center 26.4
Magnum - rear tail 26.6
T56 - Camaro LT1 28.3
T56 - Camaro LS1 & SSR truck 29.4
T56 - GTO receptacle center 29.7
T56 - GTO stock remote shifter stick center 33.0
TR6060 - 2010+ Camaro & VE-VF stock remote shifter stick center 33.0
Magnum XL - tail, direct mount 34.9
T56 - CTS-V gen 1 stock remote shifter stick center 35.0
TR6060 - Falcon FG (Australian, direct mount) ~36 (estimate only)
TR6060 - GT500 stock remote shifter stick center ~36 (estimate only)
TR6060 - CTS-V gen 2 stock remote shifter stick center ~37 (estimate only)
TR6060 - 2009+ Challenger stock remote shifter stick center 37.7
Getrag & New Venture Gear (truck) Estimate only
C/K & Silverado / Sierra (MG290 / HM290 / 5LM60 / NV3500 & NV4500) 15.6
Dodge Ram (NV3500, NV4500, NV5600, & Getrag 238) 16
1990-1997 S10 (5LM60 / NV3500) 16.8
Jeep & Dakota (NV1550, NV2550, NV3550, & NSG370) 18.8
2005+ Dakota (Getrag 238) 19.6
1998-2005 S10 (NV1500 & NV3500) 24
Ford M5OD (truck) Estimate only
M5R1 - Ranger 19.7
M5R2 - F150 14.0

Dimensions are estimated, subject to error - confirm yours!

Assumes OE bellhousing length - this varies by make & model!

In most cases, Core / Hurst swap bases position the shifter stub directly over the receptacle center. This used to be the same location used by OEMs but most recent cars (since ~ 2004) use rear offset remote linkage shifters that don't work so well in custom situations. We offer swap bases that eliminate this remote linkage, converting to a direct mount above the receptacle - hence the dimensions above for both the stick center and receptacle center where applicable.