Tremec transmission visual identification

If you are in need a shifter for a Borg-Warner / Tremec transmission, it is critical to know not only the model but exact version of that model due to the great variety of OE shifter configurations - since each version requires a different shifter base. Tailhousing casting numbers and ID tags were helpful on older models but not so much today, and many are missing. So we have compiled this chart to visually differentiate the versions of each model. The purpose of this page is solely to identify the compatible shifter model and so we do not consider other variations such as input shaft, output shaft, gearing, bearings, or speedometer drive as these aspects have no relevance to the shifter.

Borg-Warner established the original T5 and T56; about 1998, Tremec bought the manual shift transmission line from Borg Warner, changing external markings but little else.


Produced from 1982-2010. Focus is entirely on tailhousing as all shifters mount there.



Produced from 1992-2007. Most shifters mount onto tailhousing.



 Produced from 2007 to 2017. Many OEM configurations use a remote cantilevered shifter with linkage that enters transmission on top of main case.