4 speed RUL engraved shift knob BLACK: 7/16"-20 for Hurst aluminum sticks

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Classic engraved 4 speed knob w/ 7/16"-20 thread:

  • Fits Hurst ALUMINUM sticks + black steel sticks # 0197 & 0202
  • Also fits 1972-1973 Ford factory Hurst (round) shifters
    • NOT intended for ANY modern OE application (most are metric)
  • Confirm thread size BEFORE YOU BUY!

  • 1 7/8" ROUND BALL of BLACK thermoset resin, polished
    • True engraved shift pattern on top, paint-filled
      • Plain sides - no logo
  • Recessed brass thread mount
    • Hurst jam nut included
      • WARNING: jam nut MUST be used; knob will break if mounted w/o nut!

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