Bias spring set for Hurst & Core shifter bases

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WARNING: There is no standard set of springs for shifter bases. The correct springs depend on brand, model, & application. Do NOT mix random parts. These don't fit OTHER BRANDS or OEM shifters. It is very uncommon to need new springs. It suggests something else is wrong or the shifter is not compatible with the trans.

Replacement bias spring set for SOME shifter bases produced by Hurst and Core Shifters. I do not have the parts to cover all models - email before you buy. There are multiple versions and this is only a generic listing. Shifter model / part number must be specified with order or it will be cancelled.

On the diagram (second image) this is one pair each of the inner and outer springs. The seats that go under them are available as an upgrade. These parts sit on top of the crosspin that goes through the stub.

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