Billet CNC shifter frame for 2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V (referral to external link)

  • $ 44900

This item is sold out; it may be a few months until it returns

*** This item is NOT sold out; this listing is NOT for a Core Shifters product. It is an FYI about a friend's project to make a sturdy alternative to the OE frame that the shifter sits on. For more info contact Russell Justus ***

The 2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V uses a cantilevered shifter frame that hangs off the transmission tailhousing (see #10 in diagram). This architecture is not ideal for performance but to make it worse, the OE shifter frame is a casting that has somewhat fragile forward arms known to break under abusive operation (see last pic). While this casting appears to survive fine in the majority of vehicles, those who do break a frame need to upgrade to something better.

CTS-V owner Russell Justus was once in this situation with a broken frame and no alternative so he made a new frame from a solid chunk of billet aluminum. The rail and rear extension etc all transfer from the stock frame. Because he knows others will be in the same position, he now sells this frame for $449 (subject to change). While that price might seem high at first, it's an awfully complicated part to machine and the OE part costs the same or more. If your shifter frame has broken, contact Russell right away!