Shifter base for T5 swap from 1983-2002 Camaro / Firebird using rotated bellhousing

*** This listing is ONLY for swaps using the OE rotated F-body bellhousing. NOT for S10! Not for any OE application! (see listings for complete kits where available). ***

Background: To fit the T5 transmission into the 3rd gen F-body floorpan, GM developed a special bellhousing that rotates the trans 18 degrees counter-clockwise (looking forward) - see pic. Thereby the shifter base mount flange is also tilted 18 degrees, left. This amount of tilt requires a shifter stub that bends right to compensate. The OE F-body shifter was also bent rearward to optimize fit; but when swapping these parts into other vehicles, the OE shifter rarely fits well. And so I offer this special base to improve fitment in conversions. Note this listing is ONLY for rotated transmissions, using the OE F-body bellhousing. IF you have changed over to a conventional bellhousing where the shifter base flange is horizontal, this base is NOT for you - see the S10 T5 base. Read entire description before purchase.

Shifter base for custom conversions:

  • ONLY fits T5 5 speed trans sourced from 1983-2002 Camaro / Firebird
    • Does NOT FIT 6 speed
    • Does NOT FIT S10 truck T5 or any others - see separate listings
    • NOT FOR USE IN A 1983-2002 CAMARO / FIREBIRD! The complete Hurst kit for OE application uses a different stub that is angled 15 degrees right and 12 degrees rearward. See the complete kit (# 3915032)
    • If you are using a "regular" straight up bellhousing, see the S10 base
  • Stub bends RIGHT to correct for transmission tilt (see fulcrum list)
  • Stub has NO rearward tilt, allowing custom use of any Hurst stick
  • This base mounts on a 4-bolt pattern that is ~ 2.88" wide x 3.44" long; stub pivot ball center is ~1.2" below the flange.
  • Applicable tailhousing casting numbers include 1352-066-909, 913, 923, 936, 950 - BUT only when used w/ the rotated bellhousing... otherwise see the S10 base

A Hurst stick is required (NOT included, sold separately). Other brands and homemade sticks are discouraged. Stick mount has 3/8"-24 threaded holes spaced 7/8" apart on center + mating serrations for a Hurst stick on one face. Due to larger mounting threads (3/8"-24), sticks that use 8mm mounting bolts (most OE, "non-TKO" Lokar, others) will not work. Lokar TKO sticks can be mounted but only to the smooth side of the stub. To select the proper parts:

  • Wait until new transmission is installed to buy shifter parts
    • Remove existing shifter base if present
    • Sit in vehicle, in driving position, with all interior trim (dash, console, etc) in place
  • Define desired knob location in space (neutral position):
    • Measure height from base flange to desired knob location = overall height
    • Measure side & rear offsets from receptacle bore to desired knob location
    • See this diagram for clarification
  • Study the Hurst stick page for shapes that meet your needs
    • Allow 3-6" for stick mount height
    • Choose a stick and see what fulcrum heights are compatible with it (see chart)
    • Check overall height (see chart: stick height + mount height = overall height)
  • Confirm chosen combination achieves desired knob location and that fulcrum height works with stick length selected
    • Consider various stick & stub combinations to optimize
    • Note long sticks on angled mounts will strongly offset knob to left (can be 5-6"+)
    • Options E & F require a Hurst stick directly mounted on side w/ serrations

Stub fulcrum height options (critical to optimizing leverage for short throw):

Option For stick length stick mount height stick mount angle upcharge
G 6-8" 3.5 angled 11 deg right default
D 10"+ 5.4 angled 14 deg right +$10
E 13"+ 4.3 angled 14 deg left +$40
F 14"+ 4.5 angled 14 deg left +$40
  • Stick length = point-to-point distance from mount hole to knob thread
  • Stick mount height = distance from base flange to stick bolt hole (affects knob height)
  • Fulcrum height = distance from lower ball to fulcrum pin; varies by option, not published
    • Warning: Follow stick length guide to avoid excess effort & component failure

Kit includes mounting hardware and instructions. The base is built by Core Shifters using proven components inside a custom housing:

  • Billet steel gear selector stub
  • Hardened steel cross-pin & stainless steel fulcrum pivot ring
  • Self-centering cross-gate bias springs with heat treated spring seats
  • Glass-reinforced polyamide fulcrum socket with steel wear clips
  • Extruded aluminum housing with Spirolox steel support ring
  • Zinc-plated laser-cut steel base-plate & cover
  • Rubber oil control seal with steel retaining ring
  • Vibration-resistant serrated flange head steel retaining bolts

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