Core Shifter w/ chrome stick for 1979-1987 Toyota Corolla RWD T50 5 speed

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Short throw shifter kit for OE replacement on 5 speed manual trans in:

  • 1979-1987 Toyota Corolla - rear wheel drive models
    • E70 series & AE86 Levin / Sprinter Trueno / Sport SR5 & GTS
      • Does NOT FIT earlier T50 gearboxes found in the Celica TA22

Only fits "late" T50 5 speed manual trans specific to these RWD models

  • Identified by aluminum base housing with a 55mm wide x 76mm long bolt pattern. Shifter lever is held in housing by a snap ring (no bolts). Bottom of lever has 18mm dia white plastic bushing cup snapped over a 14mm sphere
    • On earlier incompatible models the shift lever is held onto a cast iron housing by a large sheetmetal cover with ~66mm square bolt pattern. Bottom of lever has a flat machined on each side
  • Does NOT FIT other Toyota or any front wheel drive model

Kit includes chrome stick #0015, classic knob, base assembly, mounting hardware, lower bushing cup, and installation instructions. Overall height from base flange to top of knob is ~14". Throw is reduced by ~30%

The base is built by Core Shifters using proven components inside a custom housing:

  • High-strength billet steel gear selector stub
  • Hardened steel cross-pin & stainless steel fulcrum pivot ring
  • Self-centering cross-gate bias springs with heat treated spring seats
  • Glass-reinforced polyamide fulcrum socket with steel wear clips
  • Rubber oil control seal with steel retaining ring
  • Extruded aluminum housing with Spirolox steel support ring
  • Laser-cut steel lid & baseplate