Handle stiffener plate (Threaded) for 3 & 4 speed Hurst bolt-on stick shifters

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Handle stiffener plate for use with AFTERMARKET Hurst 3 & 4 speed Comp Plus shifters that have a non-threaded bracket to mount a bolt-on stick

  • Applicable shifter assemblies include # 3660001, 3660002, 3914076, 3914340, 3915401, 3915403, 3915405, 3916644, 3916817, 3917993, 3918787, 4910004
    • NOT for use with Hurst shifters that have a solid threaded stick mount bracket
      • Does NOT FIT "factory" Hurst shifters that have bayonet stick connection
        • Does NOT FIT any 5 or 6 speed shifter
  • On applicable models, the stick mount bracket is a C-channel shape and the stick fits inside the channel; this part acts as a backing plate that covers the stick. The stick bolts go through the channel and stick and then thread into this plate (see second pic)
    • 1/4" thick steel plate with ears that mate into stick mount bracket
      • 3/8"-24 threaded holes spaced apart 7/8" on center
    • Stick bolts not included (3/8"-24 x 1" recommended, available separately), torque to 30 ft-lb
  • Produced by Core Shifters - NOT a Hurst part
    • Compare to Hurst #1950053 as found in retail service pkg #1950055

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