Pistol Grip Handle for Dodge Viper & 2015-2023 Challenger

Pistol Grip Shifter Handle w/ adapter extension:

  • Fits 2015-2023 Dodge Challenger w/ 6 speed manual trans
    • Intended only for use with STOCK shifter stick
      • NOT intended for aftermarket shifters!
    • Also fits Dodge Viper (all years)
  • Does NOT FIT earlier model years, automatics, or any other vehicle!

  • Includes adapter extension for perfect OE knob replacement
    • Black-anodized CNC-machined billet aluminum adapter that threads into handle and onto stock stick (use w/ stock jam nut)
    • Leather console boot snaps into groove near bottom for a finished look
  • ~1.5" taller than OE knob BUT effective grip position is ~ same as stock
    • A 3/4" shorter hex adapter is also available by request (boot covers adapter)
  • Choice of brushed natural aluminum or black anodized handle finish, with or without HURST name on sides
    • Jam nut NOT included - reuse the stock jam nut (under boot)

Background info: Dodge introduced a new shifter stick design for the 2015 model year Challenger. Unlike the earlier models, the knob threads onto the shifter stick, and so it is possible to change the knob without changing the stick (earlier model years ie 2009-2014 - require a complete stick kit, which I sell). However, as the knob is on an extension, any replacement must be similarly tall to avoid interference with neighboring trim. This kit is the perfect low-cost replacement if you don't like the stock knob.

The Pistol-Grip Shifter Handle provides a firm natural grip for positive feel when shifting. Constructed of solid billet aluminum, the vertical mount design is ideal for modern vehicles with vertical shifter sticks. Originally created for the Hurst Quarter Stick competition automatic shifter, a direct thread mount version for manual shifters soon followed

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