Pistol Grip Shifter Handle for 2005-2006 Ford GT Supercar

Pistol Grip Shifter Handle for 2005-2006 Ford GT Supercar

*** Plain smooth sides, no longer has HURST markings on sides ***

Custom machined billet aluminum Pistol Grip shifter handle:

  • Only fits 2005-2006 Ford GT Supercar - OE & Ford Racing shifters
    • Does not fit any other model

Custom mount developed specifically for Ford GT covers 2" of shifter stick. The threads are sunk up inside handle, allowing bottom of handle to be 1" below bottom of stick threads - to achieve lowest height possible. Jam nut is eliminated; orientation is locked via a small set screw at lower front instead.

Satin silver finish similar to OE knob, complements HVAC controls. As shifter stick is tilted left and grip position is above elbow, this handle is very ergonomic and works great in this car.

The Pistol-Grip Shifter Handle provides a firm natural grip for positive feel when shifting. Constructed of solid billet aluminum in a brushed natural aluminum finish, the vertical mount design is ideal for modern vehicles with vertical shifter sticks. Originally created for the Quarter Stick competition automatic shifter, a direct thread mount version for manual shifters soon followed, and then Hurst developed specialized versions for OE automatic applications. Core Shifters has taken this concept further to create a specialized version exclusively for the Ford GT.

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