Hurst Super Boot w/ custom "Red H" trim - large rubber floor boot for chrome shifter sticks - NO OUTER TRIM RING

Hurst Super Boot rubber floor boot WITHOUT outer trim ring; meant for truck applications (Ranger, F-150, Colorado, Canyon) where boot can be fitted to factory console or trim ring (see pics). If you are trying to replace an existing Super Boot be aware the mounting holes in older and off-brand trim rings may NOT line up! For direct-mount applications being screwed to floor - BUY THE COMPLETE KIT - NOT this one!

  • Genuine Hurst rubber boot
    • Thick, high quality molded rubber construction
  • Core Shifters top plate - polished stainless steel - NOT a Hurst part
    • Retro "H" cutout w/ red backing
  • NO OUTER TRIM RING - see complete kit in separate listing for more $
  • No mounting screws
  • Fits Hurst chrome FLAT sticks
    • Stick opening is rectangular ~ 3/8" wide x 3/4" long
      • Use with other shifter brands is at buyer's risk
        • NOT for use with ROUND sticks!
  • 7.875" wide x 8.875" long overall; first rib is 4.8" x 5.9", second rib is 4.2" x 5.3", third rib is 3.7" x 4.7", fourth rib is 3.0" x 4.1", fifth rib is 2.4" x 3.5"
    • Your OE plastic trim opening should match close in size to one of these ribs
    • To fit, cut boot along next rib below your opening size to create a flange that will engage underside of trim; push flange through trim and adjust underside until flat

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