Hurst Super Boot w/ custom "Red H" trim - large rubber floor boot for chrome shifter sticks - NO OUTER TRIM RING

  • $ 2699

*** Please measure before you buy! ***

Hurst Super Boot large rubber floor boot w/ Core Shifters retro "Red H" centerplate.  Bulk parts, no retail pkg, no screws.

*** This listing is WITHOUT OUTER TRIM RING! It is meant for truck applications (Ranger, F150, Colorado, Canyon) where the boot can be cut to fit the factory console or trim ring - by cutting off the lower rib etc (see pics). If you are trying to replace an existing Super Boot be aware that Hurst changed the hole pattern a few years ago and older trim plates may NOT line up with the new rubber holes! For direct-mount applications being screwed to the floor - BUY THE COMPLETE KIT - NOT this one!***

This is a generic part that fits lots of cars & trucks w/ (manual) floor shifters, particularly without a console; this boot was never OE for any application

  • Genuine Hurst boot (rubber part only)
    • Thick, high quality molded rubber construction
  • Core Shifters trim (brushed stainless steel - NOT a Hurst part)
    • Retro "H" cutout in top plate w/ red backing
  • NO OUTER TRIM RING - see complete kit in my other listings for more $

  • Fits Hurst chrome FLAT sticks
    • NOT intended for ROUND sticks!
    • MIGHT FIT some OE chrome flat sticks if they are ~1" x 1/4" cross-section in boot area
  • Please measure to confirm fit!
  • 7.875" wide  x 8.875" long overall, for floor openings up to 6.25" wide x 7.25" long
  • Mounting hole pattern:  7.0" wide x 8.0" long
    • Drilling may be required, mounting screws NOT included (#10 recommended)

  • This large boot is recommended for shifters with long travel in boot area to avoid tear-out
  • Consider the smaller Hurst B4 or Indy boots for smaller floor openings


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