Rubber isolator pad kit for Hurst sticks anti-vibration NVH reduction

Hurst shifter stick isolator kit.  If you are experiencing mild vibration and noise transmitted through the shifter stick, this kit will reduce the behavior.  It probably won't eliminate it, as this kit does not achieve the same level of isolation as a stock shifter, but it is usually worthwhile.  However understand that any isolation will reduce shift quality and precision, and so it should only be done when necessary, and is NOT recommended for competitive driving or other high-stress situations.

Kit includes:

  • Hurst rubber (neoprene) isolator pads (qty 2, one for each side of stick)
  • Hurst steel isolator pad coverplate
  • Longer mounting bolts (3/8"-24 thread)
    • M8 adapter bolts available by request
  • Internal tooth lock washers
  • Jam nuts
  • Fits most Hurst & Core shifters w/ bolt-on sticks (except factory option Hurst shifters)
    • NOT recommended for Core Shifter kits for NV3500, NV4500, NV5600, or other bases w/ machined stub that does not have a flat back side for nuts
  • Allows shifter stick to be mounted on either side of stub

Of course this kit is not intended to mask internal problems of the transmission, clutch (and related clutch components), or engine components that may have been modified and/or have degraded.  Aftermarket cams, exhaust, single-mass flywheels, and slightly out-of-balance driveline parts (or wheels / tires) can introduce significant harmonics that are difficult to isolate.  Each vehicle is different and harmonics can vary with driving style, vehicle condition, road surface - many things. Thus, the kit may work better in some vehicles than others and may not completely eliminate vibration noise to every customer’s satisfaction but should improve it over a solid coupling.

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