Hurst Super Boot w/ custom "Red H" trim - large rubber floor boot w/ trim ring for chrome shifter sticks - BLEMISHED

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**** One or two slight scratches in center trim plate (not pictured) due to dirt on rag while cleaning. Brand new parts. ***

Hurst Super Boot rubber floor boot w/ trim ring; a "universal" part meant to cover shift lever opening in floorpan, particularly in cars without a console; not specific to any application

  • Genuine Hurst boot as found in # 1147494
    • Thick, high quality molded rubber construction
  • Core Shifters trim (brushed stainless steel - NOT a Hurst part)
    • Retro "H" cutout in top plate w/ red backing
  • Includes stainless steel trim ring
    • Also available w/o outer trim ring for less money (for trucks where boot can be adapted to stock console trim)
  • Mounting screws NOT included; #10 recommended
  • Fits Hurst chrome FLAT sticks
    • Stick opening is rectangular ~ 3/8" wide x 3/4" long
      • Use with other shifter brands is at buyer's risk
        • NOT for use with ROUND sticks!
    • 5" maximum height
  • 7.875" wide x 8.875" long overall, for floor openings up to 6.25" wide x 7.25" long
    • Mounting hole pattern: 7.0" wide x 8.0" long
      • Drilling required; use a #21 bit for #10 screws; refer to last image for installation instructions
  • Measure & study floor opening before you buy!
    • Recommended for shifters with long travel in boot area to avoid tear-out
      • Also recommended for dealing with curved or angled floors

This is the largest Hurst boot available; consider the smaller Hurst B4 or Indy boots for smaller / flatter floor openings

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