Shim for Hurst T5 Comp Plus shifters - 1983-2002 Camaro & 1982-1995 S10 truck

Spacer shim to correct a problem found ONLY on certain Hurst Comp Plus shifters for 1983-2002 Camaro / Firebird (3910032) and 1982-1995 S10 / S15 truck (3910029 and 3910033). This does NOT apply to Billet Plus models (gold anodized aluminum base), any Mustang, or any other model.

DO NOT BUY unless you are certain you have an applicable shifter and have the problem mentioned here. It has become apparent that the shifter models mentioned have a shifter stub that is slightly low and can cause an interference with the pivot cup that causes the shifter to pop out of gear, particularly 1st, 3rd, and 5th. If your shifter has this problem, this spacer will probably resolve it.

Simply remove the top bolts, separate the diecast (silver) housing from the steel (gray) baseplate, insert this shim between the baseplate and housing with RTV sealant on both sides, and bolt it all back together.

I am offering this kit to anyone that has ever bought one of these, regardless of retailer, for a fair nominal charge. If you bought it from me and can provide details of your purchase, I will send it to you free of charge (do not buy this listing, just email me).

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