Lower oil seal for most Core & Hurst shifters

Lower oil seal for most Hurst Billet Plus & SOME Core shifters. Also used by the original Comp Plus base for Camaro T56 (including factory Hurst) and most Hurst Blackjack shifters. Hurst #2160008. ~44mm outer diameter

This seals the lower part of the stub to the housing to mitigate oil intrusion through the main fulcrum pivot. Complete shifter disassembly is required to change. In the case of Billet Plus & Core shifters using the black Billet Plus diamond insert, it is also helpful to fill in the openings on both sides at the bottom (where the wear clips poke out) with silicone RTV.

Similar but different seals are used by the original Hurst Comp Plus diecast bases for NV1500 & NV3500 and the original Hurst Billet Plus shifters for Ford M5OD. Both of these are available in separate listings.

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