Replacement key for 1/2" drill press chucks w/ 1/4" pilot hole

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Replacement drill chuck key for 1/2" capacity chucks with 1/4" pilot hole that may be marked "RJ33-13L". Equivalent to # 0V8A, 2136ABD103, 4910-192-70, 2136ABD108, 8050S-131

  • For 1/2" / 13mm capacity chuck w/ 1/4" key pilot hole
    • Key has shrouded teeth (closed at rear)
      • Replaces open or shrouded tooth keys w/ 10 or 12 teeth
    • Does NOT FIT 1/2" chucks w/ 6mm pilot hole
  • WARNING: BEFORE YOU BUY check pilot hole size by inserting blank end of 1/4" drill bit into hole - if it is too large to fit, buy the 6mm key instead
    • Ideally fitted to chucks that measure 9mm from bottom of chuck teeth to bottom of pilot hole

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