Shifter Lid Gasket for Toyota W-series + P51 & R154 trans

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Shifter lid gasket for most Toyota rear-wheel drive transmissions that have a shifter base with a SQUARE rubber dust boot; NOT used by shifter bases that have a ROUND rubber dust boot (see pics). This gasket goes between the top of the housing and the lid (red part in second pic). It is a thin-cardstock type gasket. Bolt pattern is 36mm wide by 41mm long. Reference P/N 33584-22020 & 335584-31020

Transmission models include P51, R154, W40, W42, W50, W52, W55 (except pickup), W56-A/B, W57, W58; NOT used by W55 in pickup, W56-C/D/E, W59, or other R-series

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