Thread reducer / adapter bushing

Thread reducer / adapter bushing

Threaded bushing to reduce a shift knob thread mount from a larger size to a smaller one - i.e. to adapt a larger knob to a smaller stick. I do NOT offer adapters to do the opposite (convert from smaller knob to larger stick) as it yields a poor result; it is better to just buy a new knob in the larger size.

NOT FOR USE WITH STOCK KNOBS!  These bushings are for aftermarket knobs & handles with a flat threaded metal surface underneath where a jam nut makes contact to lock the knob in place. The bushing should be glued in place inside the knob with a liquid threadlocker (Loctite) - and should be installed flush with the bottom surface. An oversize jam nut that seats on the outer mount is also required; the special oversize jam nut IS included; DO NOT use a regular nut!

ALWAYS CONFIRM your thread sizes before purchase!! Keep in mind either thread could be metric or SAE. Refer to our thread size guide for more info. Thread size is defined by outer diameter AND pitch - both numbers are important! If either one is wrong, it's not going to fit! The best way to figure out what sizes you need is to take your parts to hardware store and find what bolt or nut of known size fits yours part without play - check it in metric & SAE. If you are unfamiliar with the standards of machine screw thread, visit here.

If the sizes you seek are not listed, email me. Keep in mind the adapter needs to have a solid wall thickness to work - in general you have to step down 2 sizes to get enough wall. If you are only stepping down by one size, it probably requires a helicoil which requires a tap and installation tool etc - far more involved and usually not worthwhile.

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