Core Shifter w/ chrome stick for Toyota 4Runner : 1984 I4 carb (G52)

Core Shifter w/ chrome stick for Toyota 4Runner : 1984 I4 carb (G52)

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Short throw shifter kit for OE replacement on 4 & 5 speed manual trans in:

  • 1984 Toyota 4Runner w/ 2.4L I4 carb (22R) - 4x4 (G52)
  • 1984-1987 Toyota Pickup w/ 2.4L I4 carb (22R) - 4x4 only (G52 & G54)
  • 1988-1990 Toyota Pickup w/ 2.4L I4 carb (22R) - 2wd only (G40 & G57)

ONLY FITS G-series manual trans specific to these 22R carb trucks

  • Does NOT FIT I4 efi (22R-E), turbo, V6, other model years, or any other model
  • 15" tall from base flange to top of knob; 40% throw reduction
    • IF YOU HAVE A 2"+ BODY LIFT (frame spacers) - upgrade to taller stick #0090
  • Lower bushing cup not included; reuse existing or buy separately

Kit includes PLAIN chrome stick #4106, classic knob, base assembly, mounting hardware, and installation instructions. The base is built by Core Shifters using proven components inside a custom housing:

  • High-strength billet steel gear selector stub
  • Hardened steel cross-pin & stainless steel fulcrum pivot ring
  • Self-centering cross-gate bias springs with heat treated spring seats
  • Glass-reinforced polyamide fulcrum socket with steel wear clips
  • Rubber oil control seal with steel retaining ring
  • Extruded aluminum housing with Spirolox steel support ring
  • Laser-cut steel lid & baseplate

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