Boot Retainer Support Grommet for Hurst stick in 1.6" dia opening for GM & Toyota trucks

This is included in the relevant Core Shifter kits for GM & Toyota trucks - do NOT BUY unless you want an extra.

Boot support grommet for adapting Hurst chrome shifter sticks to OE rubber floor boots w/ ~1.6" diameter openings:

  • Fits ANY Hurst flat chrome stick, specifically to mount to an OE rubber floor boot on late model applications
  • Not intended for any other shifter stick
  • Intended for rubber boots with ~1.6" diameter opening
  • Bulk parts, no retail pkg
  • I also offer a smaller oval grommet for ~1" boot openings (Hurst # 1140015)

If you have another custom application, feel free, but understand that the boot opening needs to be fairly large to use this (you may have to cut your boot to enlarge it)

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