Offset & tilt stick bracket for custom work

Offset & tilt stick bracket for custom work

  • Offsets stick 1.3" rearward, 0.5" upward, and tilts stick 3 deg rearward
  • Made of 5/16" thick mild steel, zinc-plated
    • Lower holes are clearanced for 3/8" bolts
    • Upper holes have 3/8"-24 thread to mount stick
    • Bolts for upper holes included (reuse existing bolts in lower holes)
  • Smooth on both sides (no stick serrations)
    • Mate smooth side of Hurst stick to bracket face
    • Mate bracket to smooth side of stub where possible - usually requires flipping stub 180 deg in housing to get smooth faces of stick and stub on same side
      • Warning - some stubs do NOT have a smooth side
    • Apply RTV silicone sealant to mating faces before final assembly, to enhance connections, and torque 3/8" bolts to 30 ft-lbs
  • NOTE: dust boot for base must remain in use - low profile boot that fits under stick mount area preferred

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