Shifters for Mustang

# gears Year Engine Manual Trans
4 speed 1979-1986 all SROD - not serviceable but we do sell replacement saddle bushings
5 speed 1983-1995 all T5
1996-mid 2001 V6 T5
V8 T45 (TR trans code on door tag begins w/ 6)
mid 2001-2004 V6 T5
V8 TR3650 (TR trans code on door tag begins w/ K)
6 speed 2003-2004 Cobra T56

Note 2001 mid-year change on V8 trans - check door code.

Visual ID: T5 has a "toploader" lid over main case. T45 & TR3650 main case is one-piece - no lid. T45 tailhousing is longer than main case; TR3650 tailhousing is shorter than main case.

If you have retrofitted an aftermarket TKO or TR3550, similar kits can be created upon request - contact us