Shifters for Mustang

# gears Year Engine Manual Trans
4 speed 1979-1986 all FOG (ET) or RUG (SMOD or SROD) - not serviceable but we do sell replacement saddle bushings
5 speed 1983-1995 all T5
1996-mid 2001 V6 T5
V8 T45 (TR trans code on door tag begins w/ 6)
mid 2001-2004 V6 T5
V8 TR3650 (TR trans code on door tag begins w/ K)
aftermarket - TR3550
6 speed 2003-2004 Cobra T56

Note 2001 mid-year change on V8 trans - check door code.

Visual ID: T5 has a "toploader" lid over main case; T45 & TR3650 main case is one-piece - no lid. T45 tailhousing is longer than main case; TR3650 tailhousing is shorter than main case. TR3650 has CCCA1271AG cast into forward left side of main case.

If you have retrofitted an aftermarket TKO or TR3550, similar kits can be created upon request

We do not support 2005+ models because they changed to a cantilever remote shifter design