Shifters for Toyota Pickup / Hilux

Toyota Pickup manual transmissions vary by year, engine, & driveline configuration; most shifters only fit one model and so it is crucial to know which transmission you have. We have assembled this chart for domestic (USA) Toyota trucks but it may contain errors; refer to the Vehicle ID tag if possible.

Drive Engine Year Trans Core Shifter kit?
2wd 1.6L I4 carb (12R) 1972-1983 L42 No
1.9L I4 carb (3R or 8R) 1969-1971 "early L" No
2.0L I4 carb (18R) 1972-1974 L40 No
2.2L I4 carb (20R) 1975-1980 L43 / W50 No / Available
2.2L I4 diesel (L) 1981-1983 L50 2wd Stock rebuild kit
2.4L I4 carb (22R) 1981-1982 L48 / W50 No / Available
1983-1985 W42 / W52 Available
1985-1988 W46 / W56 No
1988-1990 G40 / G57 Available
2.4L I4 efi (22R-E) 1984-1995 W55 No
1985-1988 Cab / Chassis W46 No
1985-1988 One Ton W56 2wd No
2.4L I4 turbo (22R-TE) 1985-1988 R150 turbo Available
3.0L V6 (3VZ-E) 1989-1995 R150 No
4x4 2.2L I4 carb (20R) 1979-1980 L43 No
2.4L I4 carb (22R) 1981-1982 L45 / L50 Stock rebuild kit
1983 L52 Stock rebuild kit
1984-1985 G52 Available
1986-1987 G54 Available
2.4L I4 efi (22R-E) 1985-1988 W56-A/B Available
1989-1995 w/ manual hubs W56-C/D/E No
1989-1995 w/ ADD aka 4WDemand G58 Available
2.4L I4 turbo (22R-TE) 1986-1987 R151F Available
3.0L V6 (3VZ-E) 1988-1995 R150F Available


Chart assumes driveline is original; if not, physical identification may be needed (see below). For models outside USA, this information may not be valid or may cover wider ranges. Some lines are condensed. The intent of this information is solely to identify shifter model; this is NOT an interchange guide!

Case mat'l Loaded via Notes Era Series*
iron side separate bellhousing, shifter bolts to side of tail 1969-1980 4 speed early L
top integral bellhousing, shifter bolts on top of tail but connects to lid 1981-1983 late L
rear separate bellhousing, shifter goes into tail, 5-bolt shifter base 1975-1985 I4 carb 2wd only early W
aluminum rear 7-bolt front bearing retainer, 9 bolts thru intermediate plate, 6-bolt shifter base 1984-1995 I4 efi mostly late W
8-bolt front bearing retainer, 8 bolts thru intermediate plate, 4-bolt shifter base 1984-1995 I4 carb + efi 4x4 w/ ADD G
8-bolt front bearing retainer, 10 bolts thru intermediate plate, 4 or 6-bolt shifter base 1985-1995 turbo & V6 R

* Series alone does not define shifter; particularly W & R vary by model & year.