Shifters for Wrangler

Engine Year Trans

4 cyl

(2.4 & 2.5L)

1987-1995 AX5 w/ 4x4 shifter bracket on base
1997-2002 AX5 (no bracket on base)
2003-2004 NV2550 (aka NV1500)
2005+ NSG370 - not serviceable

6 cyl

(4.0 & 4.2L)

1987-mid 1989 BA10 - not serviceable
mid 1989-1995 AX15 w/ 4x4 shifter bracket on base
1997-1999 AX15 (no bracket on base)
2000-2004 NV3550
2005+ NSG370 - not serviceable

YJ = 1987-1995; TJ = 1997-2006. Physical ID: BA10 main case is two halves that bolt together at top & bottom; AX15 main case is solid. Shifter tower is offset toward front of base on AX15 and toward rear of base on AX5. NV shifter base housings are plastic; AX base housings are aluminum.