Hurst Roll Control Line Lock Launch Button Switch for chrome shifter sticks

*** CORE SHIFTERS EXCLUSIVE UPGRADED PART! The original rubber band provided by Hurst is too small and stiff to fit over Hurst chrome sticks, resulting in difficult installation and tearing. We change out this band for one that is larger, stretchier, more durable. No one else does this! ***

Stick-mounted Button Switch as included in the Hurst Roll Control Kit

  • Upgraded silicone elastic band sized to mount on a Hurst chrome stick
    • Would also fit other sticks of similar size (~5/8" effective diameter)
      • Does NOT FIT V-gate or automatic shifters
  • Push button normally-open electric switch (12 VDC) for momentary activation of any low current device (< 10 A)
    • Use in conjunction w/ a relay for current > 10 A
  • For example, you could use it to activate nitrous or a trans brake (relay recommended), of course line lock (any brand), or anything else that you may want to activate by depressing a switch button
  • ~24" wire pigtail (20ga)
  • Replacement band also available!

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